If your transaction is successful, you will receive an e-voucher within a few minutes of the email address. An electronic voucher (in pdf format) is a document that contains a unique bar code and is proof that you purchased a ticket for an event. You must print that voucher. The e-voucher is usually replaced with a physical card according to the procedure specified by the event organizer. If for certain events you do not need to replace your voucher with a real card, use it as your entry card for the event. In the event that the e-voucher bar code cannot be read due to paper damage, event entry or physical card replacement will be made difficult or disabled, so please keep the e-vouchers from damage.

It is important to note that the database of sold e-vouchers we have is valid only. Any abuse of the e-voucher will be prosecuted against the person in charge.

Important: Non-printed e-vouchers are invalid!

  • Each ticket provides one and only entry into the hall, with no possibility of re-entry if you leave.
  • The purchased ticket cannot be returned, replaced or handed over to another person.
  • If the buyer delivers his/her ticket (in hard copy or by forwarding the ticket to another person) the only valid ticket will be deemed to be the first to be recorded and registered through the control and entry system of the event hall entrance.
  • If you lose your ticket, it cannot be replaced with a new one. Purchase of this ticket is subject to the Gym Rules and Regulations, which are publicly marked on all counters.
  • If you are late, we can no longer guarantee your seat number. If the event is canceled, the organizer has the right to define the terms of the fee (including the reduction of the ticket price for the relocation). Any changes to the program, schedule changes, etc. are not a reason for replacement or compensation.
  • Those who have purchased a ticket are prohibited from entering items that impose political messages, or contain a commercial or marketing mark that may infringe upon third party liability rights.
  • Anyone who purchased a ticket is strictly forbidden to bring animals into the facility. In addition, any objects that may serve as missiles or weapons, as well as pyrotechnic materials, poisonous, explosive or flammable substances are strictly prohibited in the facility. The same goes for bottles, cans, and spirits.
  • Movie, video or DVD recording is not allowed.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the facility and all related areas.
  • For security reasons, security controls will be implemented at all entrances. Entrance to the gym may be denied to anyone who does not comply with this rule.
  • Anyone who has purchased a ticket to the event assumes the responsibility to comply with the designated Rules and Regulations.
  • Any offense will be punished. Entrance to the gym may be denied to persons whose conduct violates law and order.
  • Entrance may be denied to all those who do not adhere to the general terms and conditions, and in the event of a breach thereon, persons will be removed without compensation for the ticket.

  • Only our vouchers database is valid.
  • The person who made the order and the holder of the vouchers are responsible for picking up the real ticket (in case the organizer decides that an exchange for a real ticket is needed) 
  • Any abuse of this voucher will be processed through a court against the person who attempted to make it abuse
  • In case the bar code from the voucher is not readable, the entry of the event will be difficult or impossible. For this reason, we recommend that the voucher be stored appropriately so that the bar code is not folded, damaged or ripped.